Maintaining LEED Platinum Certification While Delivering Smoke Dampers on a Deadline Case Study

Maintaining LEED Platinum Certification While Delivering Smoke Dampers on a Deadline Case Study

When Great River Energy in Maple Grove, Minnesota, approached TMS Johnson to provide UL and NFPA-compliant smoke dampers without compromising its LEED Platinum certification, we jumped at the chance. When the customer added a tight construction deadline, we knew we had just the solution: Greenheck fire smoke dampers. Here’s how we helped an energy company keep its employees safe while minimizing its building’s impact on the environment.

Environmental Sustainability and Employee Safety, on a Deadline

Great River Energy’s headquarters are prominently located in the retail district of Maple Grove. The property features an array of solar panels over its parking lot as well as a wind turbine. The building itself was the first one in Minnesota to earn LEED Platinum certification.

During construction, environmental sustainability was a priority for Great River Energy, but the safety of its 350 employees was paramount. Great River Energy partnered with TMS Johnson to provide HVAC products that would be UL and NFPA-compliant as well as efficient to install. To comply with the building’s LEED-required indoor air quality management plan, we also had to prevent contamination from the delivery process.

22 Dampers Installed

After consulting with the local sales representative, TMS Johnson selected 22 Greenheck FSD 211 fire smoke dampers for the Great River Energy project. The components met all UL requirements and NFPA fire safety standards. Greenheck shrink-wrapped the dampers prior to shipping to eliminate dirt and dust from getting into the parts before they were installed.

Greenheck helped us stay true to the customer’s tight deadline by installing required retaining angles on the dampers and punching fastening holes that were UL compliant. Greenheck also fabricated the dampers with breakaway connectors to meet UL Standard 555 Fire Dampers. To meet NFPA standards, Greenheck added factory-mounted access doors in the damper sleeves, too.

19 Hours Saved

Greenheck’s factory-installed features eliminated the need to cut, locate, and assemble the retaining angles, breakaway connections, and access doors on-site. Without these efficiencies, installing a single damper typically takes 68 minutes. With Greenheck’s ingenuity, the crew at Great River Energy could install one damper in just 16 minutes. That’s a savings of 52 minutes per damper, or 19 hours for the entire project.

This considerable time savings helped Great River Energy meet its tight construction deadlines while staying UL and NFPA-compliant and maintaining the project’s LEED Platinum certification. TMS Johnson enjoyed the opportunity to work with our customer and one of our manufacturers to find the ideal solution for this unique project.

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